GAT Muscle Martini Natural BCAA Formula, High Performance Stimulant Free Muscle Building Amino Acids with No Artificial Flavors or Colors, Appletini, 30 Sv

October 28, 2018 - Comment

New muscle martini natural-8.7 grams of amino acids. Product Features Muscle mass and post recovery High performance amino acids Great for any sport

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New muscle -8.7 grams of .

Product Features

  • Muscle mass and post
  • High performance amino acids
  • Great for any sport


Anonymous says:

No fake sugars and good combo of aminos, for long term use. Lower in Bcca concentrations compared to other none natural brands. But taurine is high, which is a literal life saving amino! Flavor is just a hint, add another scoop if needed. Serve cold. Will help with muscle repair and keep them from not wasting during exercise or fasting. Stay away from artificial sweeteners in sport powders, eventually it will cause metabolic syndrome. This is a great brand and excellent for long term use without worrying about questionable ingredients.

Anonymous says:

Great for an intra-workout drink! Great product! This is my first stevia BCAA, and I was not disappointed. Originally used for a midday drink after my workout shake and before dinner (one of them), but then as an intra-workout drink. I think it functions best as the latter, and I did seem to heal faster with little soreness (and I do 5 days in a row at the gym ). For those that can afford this along with a preworkout, this brand is a good choice. It will not overly sweet like splenda-based supplements, but if you stay within…

Anonymous says:

Tastes good, mixes easy, great ingredients, scoop handle is too short This is a great BCAA, quality ingredients and full label disclosure. It’s important to me to ingest food and supplements that are free from any artificial anything.Only gets a 4 star because the included scoop is too small for the tall container. A few weeks in and you can barely scoop any powder. Needs to come with a longer scoop or a shorter container then it would get 5 stars.

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