5-HTP 200 mg Now Foods 120 VCaps

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5-HTP 200 mg Now Foods 120 VCaps Product Features Now Foods

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5-HTP 200 mg Now 120

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Amazon Customer says:

Great alternative to SSRI I used 5-HTP to wean myself off of an SSRI. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. It’s probably not as effective as an SSRI, but much fewer side effects. I take one at night with .5 mg Melatonin before bed. My lows definitely aren’t as low and I can snap out of them more easily. I have more happy days. I haven’t experienced the appetite control as advertised, but I think you need higher doses to get that effect.

M. Rodriguez says:

Wife use it. Saved marriage My wife tried many different scripts (zoloft, paxil, prozax) and over the counter ( st johns worts, SAMe) meds for depression. None really helped and each really just made it compound the issue since alongside the depression was the fact that the pills were not working and running out of options with each failure. I’m not sure where she heard of this drug as an OTC anti-depressant, but i ordered it.She was pessimistic as usual but about a week afterwards, i was noticing that she…

Supplement Junkie says:

Another fantastic Now Foods supplement Another fantastic Now Foods supplement. My husband and I had both been taking these for months and felt great. Once we ran out I did not replace them immediately but I just re-ordered last night. I take these usually at bedtime and it helps me relax and wakes me up with a great attitude. A definite mood elevator.

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