Omega 3 Fish Oil, 2000mg Supplement/w 600 DHA +800 EPA +Vitamin E, Best Essential Fatty Acids-120 Liquid/softgel Pills- Pure Triple Strength Pharmaceutical Grade, Sources From Deep Cold Alaska Water.

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A Top Rated Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement with TRIPLE STRENGTH. • The Sain Templo Omega-3 Fish Oil is the IDEAL supplement to get your body to feel at its best • Not cheap warm hatcheries, tuna, red fish, algae or krill. • MAXIMUM STRENGTH DOSAGE – 2,000mg Pharmaceutical Grade Omega 3 fish oil pills

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A Top Rated Omega 3 Fish Oil with STRENGTH.

• The Sain Templo Omega-3 Fish Oil is the IDEAL supplement to get your body to feel at its best

• Not cheap warm hatcheries, tuna, red fish, algae or krill.

• MAXIMUM STRENGTH DOSAGE – 2,000mg Pharmaceutical Omega 3 fish oil pills (NO

CHEAP 1000mg, 1200mg or 1500mg formulas)

• This is 3 to 4 times more than most fish oil supplements

Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil include:

• Supports Weight Loss

• Helps to support a Healthy Cholesterol

• Lowers blood pressure

• Supports cardiovascular health

• Reduce Skin disorders like acne wrinkle formation & ageing!

• Immune System Support

• Brain and Retina (Eye) Health.

• Slows the development of plaque in the arteries.

• Reduces the chance of abnormal heart rhythm

Why is Sain Templo Fish Oil GREAT?

• Our Omega-3 Fish Oil is Molecularly Distilled for purity.

• This means that the oil is purified from pollutants and contaminants

• It also reduces the fishy odour

• ONLY SUPERIOR QUALITY SOURCED from Deep Cold Water Ocean Living Fish

• Added Vitamin E that contains loads of antioxidants for healthy living

• Double value in our BIG 120 capsule bottle


• Made in USA

• Invest in your Health TODAY! Click on “ADD TO CART” to buy 100% RISK FREE!

Product Features

  • ★- DR. RECOMMENDED DOSAGE – Just two serving a day of our molecularly distilled Omega 3 pills deliver the highest recommended amount of (4000mg,1200,1800) DHA and EPA. Consult a vet before using fish oil capsules on dogs or cats.
  • ★THIRD PARTY TESTED – FOR BEST QUALITY & PURITY – Sourced from Deep blue Sea, Cold Water Fish. Each batch of Alaska fish oil is tested for over 250 Contaminants to ensure that there are no detectable levels of PCBs, dioxins, or heavy metals like lead or . Sain Templo follows the manufacturing and testing standards established by the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). Beats Any Omega 3,6,9 Fish Oil In The Vitamin World. Pharmaceutical Grade Dietary Supplements.
  • ★ CLINICALLY PROVEN BENEFITS OF FISH OIL – Include Heart Health, Cardiovascular Health, Healthy Eyesight, Brain Health, Improved Mood & Focus, Less Daily Stress, Improved Immune System Support & Booster, Reduces Inflammation and Helps with Joint Pain Relief, Improved Fat Burning and Preserving of Lean Muscle, Improved Bone Health, Healthy Blood Pressure, Reduce Skin Problems and Helps Prevent Aging. (Perfect for men and women)
  • ★ 100% PURE MOLECULARLY DISTILLED & HIGHEST ABSORPTION OMEGA 3 FISH OIL – By molecularly distilling our omega 3 fish oil we are able to safely remove heavy metals, PCB’s (chlorine compound found in water), and many other potential harmful toxins. WARNING – DO NOT BUY ANY FISH OIL THAT ARE PRODUCED ANY OTHER WAY!
  • ★OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS- 2000mg Of The Best Pro Fish Oil, Beats Any Pills,Liquid,Gummies. COMPARE US TO THE COMPETITION – WHY Sain Templo IS BEST! – Other cheaper brands’ capsules could be poisoning you. Other companies’ Fish Oil often contains Mercury, toxins, and poisons from the fish or ocean. They also leave out important DHA Omega-3 6 9s, failing to protect your brain. Sain Templo contains the highest amount and potency per serving + Vitamin E. We also have 120 CAPSULES per bottle!


more tea please says:

this is the best one! I have tried different brands of fish oil, by far, this is the best one!!! I have noticed less joint pain specially in my knee after a month use of Sain Templo Omega 3 Fish Oil! I’m able to run again at the age 61! No more anti inflammatory medication before my daily activity. I have recommended this brand to my family and friends.

Liz says:

The best fish oil yet! The best fish oil I have ever bought–very pure, with a perfect EPA level of 800 .mg and DHA level of 600 mg. It is purified and mercury free. It also contains a small amount of vitamin E. Also has been tested for PCBs. Must be stored in a cool, dry place–I chose to put it in the frig. Easy to swallow gels, and made in a USA, FDA registered facility. In addition to fish oils, it contains some soy and gelatin Have not gotten any fish taste or burps from this great fish oil.

HeatherWins1972 says:

Good stuff! While I do get a bit of the fish burps from it, that only seems to happen if I take it on an empty stomach/don’t eat soon after. My knees definitely feel happier – and my recent blood work came back with the doctor saying my cholesterol levels (hdl, ldl and triglycerides) were all “near ideal.” Can’t beat that!

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