MCT Oil Powder – Delicious Creamer For Coffee, Tea, Smoothie, & Recipes – Keto, Ketogenic & Diet Friendly – Powdered For Easy Mixing & Digestion – Energy For Exercise, Workout, or Travel – 6 oz

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Opportuniteas MCT Oil Powder Try our delicious mct oil powder. It’s the perfect high fat, low carb addition to any smoothie, shake, or cup of coffee. Powdered mct is easier on the stomach for those who have issues taking normal to larger servings of liquid MCT oil. It’s easier and more delicious than ever to

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Opportuniteas MCT Oil Powder

Try our mct oil powder. It’s the perfect high fat, low carb addition to any smoothie, shake, or cup of coffee. Powdered mct is easier on the stomach for those who have issues taking normal to larger servings of liquid MCT oil.

It’s easier and more delicious than ever to incorporate healthy fats into your diet by adding mct oil powder to any shake or recipe.

MCT’s can help you…Reduce Hunger Cut Cravings Feel Full Boost Energy

Need some recipe ideas? For a creamy boost add our powder to… Smoothie Coffee Shake Salad Dressing Sauces Baked Goods Yogurt

We’re always finding new ideas!

If you’re not used to high fat diets, start slowly so that your digestive tract can adjust. MCTs are a great way to get more of the good fats to boost your energy and metabolism. But if you take too many too quickly your body can’t adjust and you hear stories of mct leading to stomach discomfort. If you start taking just ½ scoop you’ll avoid this completely.

You can be confident in Opportuniteas because this product is proudly made in the USA, manufactured under the strict regulations of an FDA-inspected facility. With Opportuniteas you get a transparent ingredient list. Several other brands selling MCT Oil Powder are claiming that there are no other ingredients besides MCT which is impossible since you can’t turn oil into powder without using other ingredients. MCT is a liquid at room temperature.The oil needs to bind to something to become a powder, aka using a ‘carrier.’ It’s not possible for it to be “100% MCT Oil” without a “carrier” solid, which is the role of the other ingredients in our mct powder.

We’re so confident that you’ll love the taste and benefits of our MCT Powder, we back it up with our industry leading no questions asked money back guarantee. Simply contact Opportuniteas directly for a refund.

Product Features

  • LOVE IT OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK – Want the benefits of liquid MCT oil without the mess or digestive distress? If you don’t love our MCT oil powder for any reason, we will send your money back. We love it so much we know it will work for you. You’ll wish you tried it sooner!
  • EASY ON YOUR STOMACH – LESS MESS – Most people have trouble tolerating small doses of liquid MCT oil. It’s easy to overdo and get an upset stomach. Our MCT oil powder is a creamy alternative. It contains fiber and is easier on your stomach. And it won’t separate after like liquid MCT oil will either.
  • DELICIOUS FOR COFFEE, TEA, & SHAKES – It tastes delicious by itself. What good is a you don’t use because it tastes bad? Our medium chain triglyceride powder tastes great. It’s the perfect addition to coffee, shakes, recipes, or smoothies.
  • SUSTAINED ENERGY – MCTs are a rapid source of energy and help you feel full. Unlike other energy supplements, MCT gives smooth and sustained energy. You’ll love the way you feel when your body burns fat for energy. Mix it into your coffee or smoothie for a boost. Take it before the gym as a pre-workout for energy without any jitters or crash.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL OR WORKOUT – It’s easy to feel energetic with powdered MCT oil. The creamy taste and smooth mouthfeel make it a great decision. It doesn’t taste like coconut or have the oily residue that comes along with coconut oil. Take it with you when you travel to power through your day without losing performance.


Miss Dawn says:

Great for BPC (Bullet Proof Coffee)! I am using my MCT Oil Powder to make Bulletproof Coffee in the morning. BPC is a staple of many low-carb and keto ways of eating. This powder blends very well, is very creamy and I am really enjoying it. I used coconut oil in the past, but it has certain “repercussions” that had me running to the bathroom, if you know what I mean 😬 No such problems with the MCT 👍🏻 It makes awesome smoothies too! Very filling. I made my coffee at 6:30am. It is now 12:30 and I am STILL not hungry. If you…

Mary D. says:

Good Really thought, after reading the ingredients that I had bought into false advertising again….maltodextrine is ingredient #2… sugar. . but, besides that irritating fact, I really love the stuff. Takes hunger away with my morning shake for 4 hrs….tastes great… yep, will probably rebuy. Price point is excellent!

S. Reece says:

No Upset Tummy I was using liquid MCT oil and having considerable stomach upset. I finally stopped using it because I was tired of having my stomach hurt every morning but missed the obvious benefits. Since switching to powder MCT oil I have not had any of the stomach upset I experienced with the liquid. This powder mixes beautifully, has no taste and leaves no nasty oily residue in my cup. That oily residue from MCT liquid ruined several of my plastic insulated cups!

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