Jarrow Formulas 7-Keto DHEA, Enhances Metabolism, 100 mg, 90 Caps

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Jarrow FORMULAS 7-Keto DHEA is a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA. It is unable to metabolize into sex hormones; therefore, it can provide many of the same benefits of DHEA without its associated side effects. In the body, 7-Keto DHEA is responsible for activating enzymes responsible for fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism.* The body’s production

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7-Keto DHEA is a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA. It is unable to metabolize into sex hormones; therefore, it can provide many of the same benefits of DHEA without its associated side effects. In the body, 7-Keto DHEA is responsible for activating enzymes responsible for fatty acid and carbohydrate .* The body’s production of 7-Keto DHEA declines with age, which is directly correlated with a decline in metabolic rate. Clinical studies of 7-Keto DHEA demonstrated increases in metabolic rate and improvement in body mass index.*

Eating supplies energy to fuel the body and mind–a process we understand intuitively. Biochemically this involves breaking the chemical bonds of food, or long-term storage molecules like fat, to release energy. This energy is then captured for future use by short-term storage molecules, such as ATP, or converted into heat. Generating heat in this way is called thermogenesis.

Jarrow Formulas 7-Keto DHEA, 100mg, 90 CapsulesAt a Glance:Enhances metabolism by supporting thermogenesis and fat utilization*Demonstrated to support thermogenesis during periods of caloric restriction and dieting*Ideal for those who have noticed a metabolic decline with ageAvoids purported side effects of DHEAJarrow Formulas 7-Keto DHEA, 100mg, 90 Capsules Product Shot

Enhances metabolism by supporting thermogenesis and fat utilization.

Jarrow Formulas 7-Keto DHEA, 100mg, 90 Capsules Product Shot

Ideal for those who have noticed a metabolic decline with age. View larger.


Thermogenesis is akin to a light bulb that only converts a portion of electric current into light and the rest into heat. The human body does something similar with food for ATP and heat production. Yet unlike a light bulb, which produces the same ratio of light to heat per unit of energy, the human body dynamically regulates the ratio of ATP and heat produced based on the amount of fuel available. It does this with the help of messenger molecules, such as the thyroid hormone thyroxine (T4), which signal increased thermogenesis.

In fact, it is well known that caloric restriction leads to measurable decreases in resting metabolic rate (RMR) as the body produces more ATP and less heat. As a result, when we go on a diet and consume fewer calories in an attempt to burn fat, our bodies naturally resist. This survival mechanism can be frustrating to modern day dieters, but if overridden represents a viable way to enhance metabolism.*

7-Keto DHEA & Thermogenesis

As with thyroid hormones, it has been known for decades that dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) helps regulate thermogenesis. Unfortunately, as a precursor to estrogen and testosterone, DHEA can produce side effects when consumed in quantities that affect thermogenesis. Side effects are also common when ingesting thyroid hormones and other thermogenic substances, such as caffeine and capsaicin, in elevated quantities.

The limitations of known thermogenic agents led Dr. Henry Lardy to investigate metabolites of DHEA in the 1990’s. He assayed a number of DHEA derivatives for thermogenic activity by monitoring two key enzymes, mitochondrial glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and cytosolic malic enzyme, which play a key role in carbohydrate metabolism. 7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone (a.k.a. 7-ketodehydroepiandrosterone, or 7-Keto), produced naturally in the body, was found to have the most promising thermogenic effect (2.5 times that of DHEA) without the downside of being converted to estrogen and testosterone.

It also came to light that earlier Russian research had found that 7-Keto levels decline with age just like DHEA and track age-related changes in metabolism. Later, it was discovered that 7-Keto also induces another class of thermogenic enzymes called acyl-CoA:oxygen 2-oxidoreductases, which help the cell metabolize fats.

Clinical Research

In 2007, published clinical trial results demonstrated 7-Keto’s enhancement of metabolism.* Forty overweight adults were placed on a calorie-restricted diet and given placebo, 7-Keto (100 mg/day) or 7-Keto (100 mg/day) plus a green tea/vitamin/mineral combination successively for 7 days each separated by week-long washout periods. The placebo period saw a 4 percent decrease in resting metabolic rate (RMR), while the two 7-Keto periods showed an increased rate without significant differences between the two.

An earlier trial with 30 overweight adults demonstrated how 7-Keto taken over a longer period can promote metabolism and support a healthy body mass index.* The 7-Keto group received 100 mg of 7-Keto twice daily for eight weeks. All volunteers consumed 1800 calories daily and participated in an exercise program three times a week. After eight weeks the 7-Keto group had lost significantly more body weight (6.3 versus 2.1 pounds) and a greater percentage of body fat (1.8 percent versus 0.57 percent) than the placebo group. The 7-Keto group also saw a significant increase in thyroid hormone activity and fat-burning enzymes in the liver–hallmarks of thermogenesis.*

Warning: Pregnant or lactating should not take 7-Keto DHEA.

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Jarrow Formulas 7-Keto DHEA, 100mg, 90 Capsules.

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  • Avoids Purported Side Effects of DHEA
  • 100 mg of 7-Keto DHEA Per Capsule
  • Utilizes Humanetics 7-Keto
  • Utilizes humanetics 7-Keto


Rowen says:

Very noticeable results Im a male, 44 years old, 6’3 and 215. Before I started taking this I was hovering between 225 and 230 for about 6-months and couldn’t seem to get under 225. Then I started taking this. I dropped down to 215 within a month. The results have been very noticeable. My metabolism cranks up using this and the weight loss is fast with not much change to my diet which consists mostly of poultry and salads (about 2 meals a day on average). And I’m not a gym freak (although I used to be). I go to the…

Deborah Lorraine says:

The scale moved! I started taking these Sunday, and it’s Thursday and I’m down 3 pounds. Too early to tell for sure if this is going to work, but after watching that needle go in only one direction lately–up-up-up–I’m thrilled beyond belief to see it go down finally! I’m also following a moderate diet and exercising, but I’ve been doing that while watching the weight creep on for the last 5 years. I have the healthiest diet of anyone I know. I’m fairly fit, play tennis 4-5 times a week, and go hiking…

CadensGramma says:

Still Having Side Effects These are clear powder filled capsules that are easy to swallow, have no aftertaste and no strange smells.I do have more energy when I take this or regular DHEA but I still have side effects.I’ve been taking this 7-Keto DHEA once a day because I feel 100 mgs twice a day is too much. Just taking 100 mgs once per day is causing my heart to race and I’m having chest pains throughout the day. The chest pains and heart racing began after I started taking this and they stop when I…

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